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C & A Garden Design was born out of passion for nature,

plants and the beauty of design.

A well designed garden enables the owners and visitors to enjoy the overall picture of the garden yet discover parts of it slowly as it unfolds under their feet. A garden should have surprises, cozy sitting areas, natural elements, like ponds to invite wild life, and vistas that catch the eye. Our garden design and consultation company specializes in unique, tailored designs where garden interacts with the house and creates harmony.


We have worked in the field of garden design for more than twenty years in Victoria, B.C. Our European background gives us a unique perspective and our education relates us to different subjects that all matter in the process of design and creation. (Certificate of Garden Design, UBC; MA in Art History, UVic)

Small Urban Front Yard

Many of our design solutions and suggestions you may never have even considered. Depending on the size, shape and orientation of your garden we can make it exceptional and well-fitting to your lifestyle, interests and desires.

We offer full service garden design or just consultation if you need a few questions to be answered. Whether you choose to work with us long term or short term our experience and integrity ensures that you will receive excellent attention, impeccable design and honest delivery, so you can start making memories in your new garden.


There is so much to do when planning a garden, and details can overwhelm anybody. That’s why we decided to focus on helping others to experience a hassle free project without facing daunting decisions.

Rose and Gentian

If you have any questions or need some advice please don’t hesitate to contact us.


You can reach us at 250-920-5120 and 250-896-5120

or e-mail:

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